Author of UK Crime Fiction & Non-fiction tales of Thailand.

HARROWING MY THAI EYE My Other Thai Eye A warm welcome to my website which, incidentally,
is all my own work, just like my books.

So, what’s on offer here? Books, well just three really. My Thai Eye, written in 2013 as a humorous reflection on Thai life has some reasonable reviews on Amazon.

Stimulated by their demand for more, a sequel was published in November 2014: My Other Thai Eye answers most of the reviewer’s wishes and includes a section on ‘the other side of Thailand’. You can order a kindle copy from Amazon.

And I have something completely different: Harrowing, a crime story, set in 50s/60s Britain involving the world’s oldest police force.

I was going to do a bio-page but decided against it. What is there to know other than I’m a retired Brit? I’m not going to tell you any more until I’m really famous - so you might be waiting some time.

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Harrowing is now available in three parts from Amazon,
so you can see if you like it a bit at a time.
Part 1: Nightmares is available now. Part 2 will be
published on 13th Feb and part 3 on 21st Feb.
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