Author of UK Crime Fiction & Non-fiction tales of Thailand ThailandHARROWING

A warm welcome to my website, which incidentally,
is all my own work, just like my books; well largely.

Yes, this is me a few years ago, but I’m not so chubby now! I stretched the picture a bit, too - don’t look so bad now?

So, what’s on offer here?

Books, well just two really. My Thai Eye, written as a humorous reflection on Thai life - the way Thais go about everyday things - has some reasonable reviews on Amazon.

Stimulated by the demand for more there’s a sequel in the works, My Other Thai Eye which, I hope, answers some of the wishes reviewers requested.

And I have something completely different: Harrowing, my first novel. A crime story, set mainly in 60s Britain and involves the world’s oldest police force.

I was going to do a bio-page but decided against it - what is there to know? Quite a bit really, but other than I’m a retired Brit, I’m not going to tell you any more until I’m really famous - so you might be waiting some time.

To find out when my new books are on their way, join my Mail List, - well, you can once I’ve worked out how to do it!