4 Stars Mystery, Mayhem and Murder

By A. G. Lyttle April 2016

The latest novel by Edwin Tipple takes us halfway round the world in an intriguing mix of mystery, mayhem and murder. Only the alluring and beautiful Thai girl, Kat, gives hero, Robin Simmonds, the will to delve ever deeper into the sordid world of prostitution and human trafficking. I had the privilege of reading an advance copy and it's a story I kept wanting to return to, to see what happened next.

The Girl Takers gives the, sadly, all too common theme of trafficking a new twist by combining it with bent coppers and amateur sleuths. Add to this plenty of unexpected twists and mystery characters and you have a tantalising story to hold you to the end. I particularly enjoyed how the writer brings the Thai locations and people to life; he obviously knows both well.

5 Stars An Excellent Thriller

By TROSS May 2016

So many twists, turns and surprises make this book a good read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Girl Takers.

4 Stars A must read!

By J. E. Anderson June 2016

Edwin Tipple has done it again!

The Girl Takers is an intriguing, suspenseful read and I found it difficult to put the book down upon the conclusion of a chapter.

I think they call that a "cliff hanger"! That is to say, when the author/novel captures your interest/attention in such a manner that you just want to continue reading the book vs putting it aside for awhile.

Also, having been to Thailand, the images created by the author remind me of my time there.

I look forward to your next venture! Could it involve Kat & Robin?

Who knows?

4 Stars A romping story, taking us from the UK to ...

By Amazon Customer May 2016

A romping story, taking us from the UK to Thailand. A story of twist and turns, which keeps you engaged and guessing all the way through.


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Kidnapping and families who murder their own! These hellish dangers ex-traffic-cop, Robin, never had to worry about until he met Kat, or rather, once she’d sought him out.

Kat is desperately searching for her younger sister, missing for over four years. Her fear is that she has become yet another of the missing girls. But just where do the missing girls go?

In a strange country it’s a question she can no longer answer alone. If she wants to find her sister alive she needs help, urgently. She has a plan, but it needs a man. Can she convince Robin to trust her?

Once she drops her bombshell, they become trapped in the extreme dangers of international organised crime, where even Kat’s relatives are forced to eliminate her.

A very dark romance you’ll not put down.

I offer this book in two smaller novellas to get you going but beware their prices do fluctuate.

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